Weather Warnings – March 2, 2012

At the time of writing, the Storm Prediction Center has 91 unconfirmed reports of tornadoes across Kentucky, Tennessee and Alabama. According to CNN, there have been 14 deaths so far. My heart and thoughts go out to those who are affected by the devastation, and especially those who have lost loved ones tonight.

On a related note, Congress is planning to cut the National Weather Service’s budget by $125 million. That is a lot for an already underfunded agency, and it could have far reaching effects on Americans in severe weather prone areas. Quote:

Joseph Calderone has been a forecaster for the National Weather Service in Charleston, South Carolina since 2002. He’s a member of the National Weather Services Employees Organization. Calderone says the House needs to put the deep freeze on the plan.

“There is a very heightened risk for loss of life if these cuts go through. The inability for warnings to be disseminated to the public, whether due to staffing inadequacies, radar maintenance problems or weather radio transmitter difficulties, would be disastrous,” said Calderone.

A Facebook page has been set up to fight against cutting the National Weather Service’s budget. I strongly encourage everyone to join and get the word out. This is one of the more important public services that should not be messed with and should be funded better.

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