KONY 2012 and Issues of Western Interventionism, Ctd.

A Long Post is probably not forthcoming today. I have side-work that I need to concentrate on. However, I wanted to drop this for today: a more complete and in-depth analysis of the military/intervention “solution” that is proposed in the KONY 2012 video. It was written up by the Department of War Studies at King’s College in London.

Invisible Children’s Military Disconnect — money quote:

The reason I’m writing this all out is that these are the sort of nuts and bolts questions that need to be asked around any military deployment. War kills people, and the use of the military should be a matter of necessity. IC appear to perceive military force as some sort of silver bullet – pull the trigger, solve the problem, walk away like Clint Eastwood. It never has been, and it never will be. If IC want to see the expansion of US military activity, then they should say so. That should be the debate – “Dear Obama, please spend $X million dollars on these activities…”, if not, then they’re selling their supporters the idea that their campaign can change things that it can’t. More than that, if they are serious about selling a military intervention, then they need to be upfront about the risks as well as the possibilities. If they don’t know what they’re talking about when it comes to military matters then they should remember their medical ethics before arguing for military action – “First, do no harm.”

A broader discussion of the concept and costs of Humanitarian Intervention here.


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