I’ve lacked as the author of this blog and I apologize for that. This week will mark my return. I’ll be picking up where I left off and discuss Critical Race Theory, why it is necessary and how its analysis is needed in light of the Trayvon Martin tragedy. There is a dimension to this CRT angle that I want to cover, also. According to the New York Civil Liberties Union, about a new study regarding New York City’s “stop-and-fisk” program:

[T]he study shows that out of those stopped only 0.15 per cent resulted in firearms charges. This number stands to directly contradict Commissioner Kelly’s statements that the stops are responsible for the fall in gun crime. Also of note is the fact that out of all ethnicities stopped, white people had the highest chance of having committed a crime, despite being proportionally the least searched.

(Hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

This is one of the areas that CRT covers in it’s analysis, and I’ll report on it through the week.

Aside from that, I’ve added a new tab. It’s meant to be an index of all the leftist (Green, Socialist, Communist, etc.) parties in the world, but will likely just be restricted to the American continents for the time being. My goal is for it to be an education tool and maybe a good networking resource. We’ll see, though.


I was going to initially stay away from politics on the weekends, but I’m coming to find that’s nearly impossible for me. Instead, I don’t think I’m going to write long political commentaries. Some things posted will still have a political tinge.

With that in mind, “The Matrix: Reloaded” has been on a near constant loop on Current TV. “The Matrix: Reloaded” and “The Matrix: Revolutions” contain cameos from Cornel West. He is one of my favorite writers and I haven’t watched or read anything from him in a while, so I went on Youtube and, at the top of the page, found this cool interview from al-Jazeera:

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Hey y’all.

The Red Notes is my exercise in solipsism. Here’s a run down of what to expect.

  • Politics: I am a Texan, brought up by a liberal Democrat and a Libertarian, and I wound up being a Marxist. I also enjoy following the circus that is the American political system. On this respect, you’ll get occasional Long Posts about American politics — and sometimes other non-American political happenings — from a very Red perspective. I might spend some time live blogging debates and Major Political Events when I can remember to.
  • Books and Movies: Always one with my nose stuck in a book or my eyes glued to the television screen when I have time, I will probably post a bit about my reading and watch list. You can follow my GoodReads profile, too.
  • Music: I’m going to resist trying to just turn the blog into my personal playlist. We’ll see how that goes.
  • Miscellany: I got my head up in the clouds and my eyes are to the sky (cringe enough?), so there’ll be some posts about meteorology and astronomy from time to time. I’ll post interesting videos, too. And neat pictures.

This is intended to be a daily thing. I enjoy writing, but I do more talking about writing than writing. As Cormac McCarthy said, “If you spend a lot time thinking about how to write a book, you probably shouldn’t be talking about it, you probably should be doing it.”

More to come.